Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Keep It Stylish

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halter dress in four ways

We all have ample of clothes in our wardrobe but every time we open our wardrobe we don’t get anything to wear. Now, that’s the story of every girl.

There are clothes that we have worn once and never got a chance to wear them again. It’s because most of us have segregated our wardrobe in different cubicles like office wear, summer wear, holiday wear, party wear, festive wear and so on and so forth.

The other day while cleaning my wardrobe I realized that I have a halter neck dress that my husband gifted me on our first vacation. I wore that dress twice or at the most thrice in past one and half years. I haven’t repeated that dress in any of my holidays because of the fear of getting same pictures over and over again. Then, I thought to give one of my favorite dress a whole new look by wearing it in different ways.

Halter Dress, Gifted by Husband/Shoes, Mochi (Last worn here) and Fashion & you (Last worn here)/ Jeans, Cotton World/ White Top, Pantaloon/ Denim Top, don't remember/ Watch, Kenneth Cole Reaction (last worn here)/ Accessories, Everywhere

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Double Polka Dots Treat

Office is keeping me really busy these days and I don't get time to update my blog. After a stressful week at work, I am making most of my weekend.

Finally, I got a chance to wear my new polka dot ballerinas. I paired it with beautiful black button down top with white polka dots on it. As I am obsessed with Khaki this season, I want to pair it with almost everything.

Top, Fashion Street/ Pants, Forever 21 (Last worn here)/Ballerina, Ginger/ Neckpiece, Fashion Street/ Watch, Kenneth Cole Reaction (Dubai), Bag (last worn here ,here)

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Student of the year - Movie Review

Finally, after two months I made it to the theater to watch a movie- Student of the Year. I wanted to see this movie as it was directed by Karan Johar, one of my favorite romantic movie makers. No one can forget Kuch Kuch Hota Hai , which kick started Rani Mukerji’s career and made her a super star. Ahhhh the movie was awesome with all the flavors in it.

Moving onto Student of the year, it was a great treat to see upcoming talent and new faces with such a big launch. This movie has introduced three new talents to the bollywood industry – Alia bhatt (Mahesh bhatt’s daughter), Varun Dhawan (Son of David Dhawan) and Sidharth Malhotra ( a delhi based model)

Varun dhawan has played a role of rich brat who hates his father. Varun has shown as an aspiring singer who’s so called lady love is Shanaya (played by Alia Bhat). I think they have spent half of the movie budget in Alia Bhatt’s styling. Alia Bhatt is looking very pretty just like a mannequin in a high end store with beautiful designer clothes. She has very few dialogues in the movie. It might be because Karan Johar knew her acting skills. Basically, Alia Bhatt is in the movie just for skin show and to move over the peppy numbers. Abhimanyu (played by Sidharth Malhotra) belongs to a middle class family but definitely can afford bikes and good clothes. Abhimanyu has portrayed a character of an ambitious guy who wants to win the trophy of student of the year but all of sudden he fell in love with Shanaya (his best friend’s girl friend) and then  Varun Dhawan wears his thinking hat and decides to show the world his competence by winning student of the year trophy. (How touchy, a man with broken heart decides to fight against a trophy).

And for the student of the year competition, the school ambiance transforms to a battle field where all students start competing against each other for the trophy. At the end, Varun Dhawan wins the trophy of student of the year with a mercy of Sidharth Malhotra.
Overall, the movie is very average with weak story line. In Indian Cinema, Movie can work just because of two reasons – the first one is superstars and the second is strong story line and Karan Johar’s Student of the year lacks in both of them. It could be a much better movie if Karan Johar should have paid more money to a writer than to a designer.

Moving on to my outfit ,this is what I wore for a casual day out with my friends

Photographs By Saumyata Agrawal
Top, Zovi/ Capri, UBC/ Accessories, Everywhere/Bag, Bandra( last worn herehere)/shoes, Fashion and you

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pops of Orange & Bangs

I love experimenting with clothes but now I have started experimenting with my hair also. I recently got a hair style which I always wanted – Bangs. I was little nervous until I saw a model in a fashion magazine but now I have thought I will get all the hair styles that I ever wanted.

 Shirt, Fashion Street/ Ballerinas, Bandra/ Pants, Forever 21/Accessories, Everywhere/Sling Bag, Bandra (Last worn here)/ Belt, Paprika

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tale of Red Pants

I am very fond of bright colors and a true believer that they bring lots of happiness and brightness in life. Do you know that Colors depict your nature, your mood and to some extent your personality? I feel that colors have a healing touch that can transform moods. Imagine yourself wearing dark pink, red, orange or a grey color with pops of pink; you will immediately feel elevated and happy. That’s what bright colors can do. But there are some days when you want to be lethargic. So, save your dull boring colors for that day.

I always wanted a red denim and I was looking for it since 4 months. After a long wait, I got my share of Red denims.

Here it is :-

Red Pants, Bandra/ Jacket, AND/ Top, Gifted by hubby/Accessories, Goa (Last worn here)/Sunglasses, Idee/ Shoes, Ginger ( Last worn here

PS :- I will post more of Red Denims. So, stay tuned to KIS with NKN.

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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Festive Fashionista Series 2

Today I have brought one more festive look for all of you from the roots of Indian culture. Dhoti pants which was popularly worn by Indian men but now stolen by women.

Top,Colors/Dhoti Pants, Gifted by my sister/Accessories,zovi/ Footwear, Pretty walk

  • Wear dhoti pants with fitted tops or blouse. Don’t go for baggy tops that will make you look fat.
  • Team up your dhoti pants with kolapuri chappals or kitten heels.
  • Accessorize your look with stoles or some antique jewellery.
  • If you are choosing dhoti pants with stripes, go for the vertical ones that will accentuate your height.

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