Monday, 1 October 2012

Mid Week Break

Mid Week Break

Mid week breaks are always fun especially for those who have 9 to 5 corporate job like me. Yesterday when I came back home, I was so relaxed to know that tomorrow is an off. Yippee

I was excited, happy, relaxed and what not. My husband said I am behaving like a school kid. But who cares as far as I am happy and I don’t have to go to work. I have waited for this mid week break from ages (I got one on 19th September) whatever!! It seems like ages to me.

This is what I wore last week for a date out with my Husband

Dress, 109F/ Belt, Made by me/ Shoes, Mochi / Accessories, Zovi/ Bag, Bandra

My Plans for Today:-
  • Getting up late
  • Shopping
  • Click few photographs for my blog
  • Spending some time with husband (Chit-chatting over coffee.. It means He listening and Me Talking)
  • Going out for Dinner (South-Indian)
  • Watching India’s Cricket match with him (Not sure if it’s India’s match but some match)
  • Lastly, updating my Blog :)

What are your plans for Today? Share with me by leaving a comment below.


  1. Priceless and mirror cracking style...

  2. Hello friend, I could not comment on your blog, I hope that now, in terms of facebook, I have no time to devote to this network, sorry.
    I wish him well, greetings from Spain

  3. Nice dress! You have a new follower.
    This is my blog in case you want to see.