Thursday, 31 January 2013

After A Long Break

In case you guys are wondering where I have been then I was off on my yearly trip to my hometown- Jammu. It was a very relaxing and much needed break after 6 months.I went to attend the wedding of one of my dearest cousin Sourabh, who is a Major in Indian Army.

North is chilling in January but trust me it was not that cold in Jammu,the temperature varies from 10-14 degrees, which was very much bearable.It was a wonderful time with all the cousins and relatives and I got to wear winter clothes and boots after three years. And ya I have clicked shots from my wonderful trip for all of you which I will be posting in coming weeks.

Here are some pictures which my husband shot for me before going to Jammu.

Kurti- Rang Manch

Earrings- Westside

Shoes- From a Shop in Bandra

Salwar- Rang Manch

Rings- Bandra and Watch- Fashion and you

  • Black and Red is a very good combination and I like it most when it comes to traditional wear.
  • Pumps and Patiyala Salwar can never go wrong.
  • Patiyala and Kurti with minimum accessories can be a good office wear.

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Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year Resolutions

Happy New year to everyone.Wish you a Stylish year ahead.

Finally, the new year has started with new hopes,opportunities and happiness. I don't know if you believe in taking resolutions or not but after a long time I have made some resolutions that are a reflection of my past learning. So, here are my resolutions which I would like to continue through out my life.

  1. Don't be Blunt always - Yes, I am very blunt and Straight forward and this thing has made me in trouble so many times but I never give a dam until I realized that I am hurting someone's feelings. You have full right to voice your opinion but it should not hurt the sentiments of others.So..........
  2. Eat Healthy - This is something that is always in my mind and will continue to be my priority. I believe in living a healthy life and for that you have to keep a check on your plate. More of green vegetables and fruits..
  3. Reduce sugar consumption- As I have a sweet tooth this is something that is difficult for me to do but I am trying my level best to achieve it.
  4. Exercise- I have mentioned it before that I am into a corporate job which has weird timings. That helps me in building reasons for not exercising. Not any more, I have to make time and I will exercise daily.
  5. Shop Less and Save more- I have been following this from years. I think this quality is in my genes. I shop in a limit , in my fixed budget and I would like to continue it further.
Here is something which I wore last week



Pants- Forever 21

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