Friday, 22 February 2013

Indian Wedding - Sangeet

The Sangeet, of all the wedding functions, is one such evening that is most awaited not only by the couples’ family but by everyone who’s invited. It’s the evening of absolute fun where everybody joins in the joy surrounding the wedding celebrations.

 In Jammu, Sangeet is mostly followed by a small pooja. Now-a-days, people have started combining sangeet and mehndi to have more fun and to save time.

Here are some pictures from my Cousion's Sangeet:-
Suit - Some Showroom in Bandra

Shoes- Bangalore

My Mom

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fashion Trends of 2013

Here are some wearable summer trends of 2013.Believe me we already have all of them in our wardrobes but the trick is to wear them differently. Well dress up doesn't mean how often you buy or how much you buy , it depends on how well you wear your existing wardrobe.

I haven't made any wishlist for the summers because I am intended to wear my existing clothes in a different way... You kind of say that I am saving myself to be a shopaholic. Now lets move to the Fashion Trends of 2013

Burmunda Shorts - Very comfortable and can be wore anywhere. If you don't have one in your wardrobe then you can cut your old jeans to make a comfortable Burmunda shorts.

Belted Floral Dresses- Floral Dresses has always been an essential for summers. Adding a contrast belt to your existing dresses will give them a new makeover.

Collarless Blouses- 2012 was all about collars, we experienced peter pen collars, wide collars, studded collars and what now. But this season is to give a relief to neck and go for collarless blouses.
What you can do is to fold your collars inside and make your blouse collarless.

Stripes- A trend that can never end. Stripes has always been trendy and wearable. Flaunt your vertical/ horizontal stripes  with the pleated short skirts.

White and Black Trend- This is the most classy trend that can be wore in office or in a party.

Animal Prints - I am lover of animal print though I don't have lots of them in my wardrobe but I have two good pieces that can be worn anywhere and everywhere.

Short Suit - If you don't have one then you can pair your shorts with the same color jacket that will give you a trendy look.

Pleated Skirts - Skirts is a rescue in summers and the pleated skirts can be worn with tees, blouses, shirts.....

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine's Day

A pic from our one of the Valentine's Day

It's a Valentine's day and I am sure lot of us are excited to celebrate it with our loved ones. From past two-three days I have been asking my friends and colleagues about their Valentine's day plans and I found everyone has mainly three views about Valentine's day.

People who are in love and are in a relationship like me just love the concept of celebrating Valentine's day with their partners as they have someone to pamper them and who wouldn't like a dinner date with red roses and chocolates.

There is a category of people who says that Everyday is a Valentine's day and you don't need a special day to show your love (God bless their thinking) but if they don't mind celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and festivals so what is the harm of getting one more reason to go out and have fun.

And Lastly, people who are against the concept of Valentine's day as they don't have someone special to go out with but I don't understand why people relate Valentine's day only with boyfriends or girlfriends. This is a day to show love to your loved ones and that can be anyone your parents, friends, family... anyone...You can celebrate it with your family and make them feel special. And if not you can buy gifts for yourself and make you feel special.

I love the concept of Valentine's day as this is another day to make my love happy. I don't know the origin of Valentine's day but the only thing I know is that this is one of those days where we take special efforts to make this day all more special so why not??

Happy Valentine's Day to All

Monday, 11 February 2013

Virgin Sangria

All of us know that Sangria is a wine punch typical of Spain but how many of us know about Virgin Sangria, it is a fruit juice punch generally meant for those who don't like to consume alcohol.

All You Need
Fresh Orange Juice
Fresh Grapes Juice
1 Spoon Brown Sugar
Sweet Lime

Take a glass of orange juice and mix a spoon of brown sugar.

Then add one glass of black grapes juice in it.

Cut two large Lemon in a circular shape and keep aside.

Take one sweet lime and apple and cut into wedges and keep aside.

Now add half of sweet lime, apple and lemon in the container with the juices and put rest of the sweet lime, apple and lemon in the glass.

Keep the container in the fridge overnight or atleast for 2-3 hours.
Serve the chilled Sangria  with sweet lime and apple wedges.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Indian Wedding -Part 1

In my last blog, I mentioned about my cousin's wedding that I attended in Jammu. In North, the marriages are very lavish and last for five days. Sangeet, Cocktail, Ring Ceremony,Tilak,Haldi,Reception are some of the functions that are inevitable.

Today, I am featuring my husband on my blog for the first time.These are clicks from Cocktail where I was wearing a Black and Metallic dress with black blazer as it was very cold and the function was organized in an open area.

Earrings-From Jammu

Blazer- Raymonds' and Shoes -From a store in Bandra

Dress-Designed By Me

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