Friday, 22 February 2013

Indian Wedding - Sangeet

The Sangeet, of all the wedding functions, is one such evening that is most awaited not only by the couples’ family but by everyone who’s invited. It’s the evening of absolute fun where everybody joins in the joy surrounding the wedding celebrations.

 In Jammu, Sangeet is mostly followed by a small pooja. Now-a-days, people have started combining sangeet and mehndi to have more fun and to save time.

Here are some pictures from my Cousion's Sangeet:-
Suit - Some Showroom in Bandra

Shoes- Bangalore

My Mom


  1. God I LOVE it!
    it is so different from my civilisation but still sooooo nice!

  2. Beautiful, love it!!!

  3. This look is so amazing!

  4. How beautiful! I love the Indian style and the richness of the colors :) Great post!

  5. Beautiful! It looks like it was a lot of fun.

  6. I love All the colors! they look so Great On you! :)
    Xo Pam I LOVE your blog!!

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