Sunday, 21 April 2013

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Perfect shoes for perfect occasion- Part II

In part I , we discussed about what, when and how to choose perfect shoes for perfect occasion. In this post, I will be talking about Shoes that can make you look more sexy and are appropriate as per your height and body type.What you should avoid and what you should buy?

Lastly, I will sharing some handy tips that will help you opting the best shoe with your outfit.

For Shorter Legs:-

Dos & Don'ts:-
  • Pair stiletto heels with pencil skirts and slim pants. It will makes your legs more slender and attractive.
  • Avoid heels with ankle straps if you have short legs. Straps can make you look shorter.
  • Avoid heels that are more than four inches tall. High heels will leave your leg looking less slender.
  • Some flattering options are open toed shoes with a solid heel

For Larger Feet:-

Dos & Don'ts
  • Wear oval shaped or square-toed heels, if you have large feet.
  • Avoid tapered or pointy heels that may end up making your feet look even larger.
For Tall and Thin :-

Dos & Don't

  • Ballet Flat looks great as you already has the height to kill.
  • Pair of strappy sandals with an ankle strap will give some edge to your feet.
  • Avoid pointy shoes because that will make you look more long.
  • Stay away from chunky heels or heavy platform.

Some Handy Tips:-
  • Avoid flats with skinny pants unless you have narrow hips.
  • Bright color or unique print can help draw attention downwards.
  • People who are small and pepite should avoid pointed toe.

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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Perfect shoes for perfect occasion- Part I

"A man is known by his shoes"- a well known quote. Though its no more restricted to only men.
Shoes can make or break your looks whether its men or women and it is the most essential thing to pay attention too.Choosing a perfect shoe with the outfit can get you lot of compliments and it could be a tough task for many.We girls have racks full of shoes, which makes it all the more difficult to choose shoes for the perfect occasion and for the best pick with the outfit. How do I choose? What should I look for? What will go with my outfit? and so on...

How do I choose? - Go by the Occasion

Comfort- Always look for comfortable shoes. Don't buy shoes just because you like the look of it.Whether you are going for flats or heels, buy a comfortable piece that you can wear if you have to walk an extra mile.

When you will have all the comfortable pairs in your wardrobe that becomes more easy to choose a pair for the outfit.

Flats- Flats are very comfortable and appropriate for those who likes to shop every now and then. If you know that you have to walk alot then opt for flats sandals or shoes.

Heels - Heels are something more appropriate for parties. You can't walk the street in heels. If you know that you are going for dinner date or a friend's party or for a wedding then you can definitely opt for heels. But that again has to be comfortable so that you can dance in it.

Flip-Flops- They are for beach or for a holiday not for the party in the town.

And if you are unsure about the occasion its best to carry an extra pair with you.

What Should I Look for?

Contrast- It is something completely opposite to the color of your outfit but it should be something that can compliment your outfit lot more. Just don't go blindly, look for the color that can enhance your outfit.

Shoes from same hue- It is safe and easy to choose the shoe in same color of your outfit. Avoid wearing one solid color from head to toe.

Brighter shoes - You can add a pop to your monochrome outfit by selecting a shoe in a bolder color or print.

Neutral Color- Choosing neutral color with your outfit can never make you go wrong. And it is very appropriate in day time.

What will go with my outfit?

Western Outfit- 

  • With party dresses or LBD, choosing a stiletos or a strappy high heeled sandals would be a good option.
  • Wear high heels with gowns and to dress up dark jeans.
  • Wear flats with more casual outfits or with lighter bottoms.

  • Wear strappy flat sandals with summer dresses.
  • Wear Flats with above knee or knee length skirts, capri or shorts.
Indian Outfit-

  •  I have mention in one of my earliest post that Pumps and Patiyala Salwar can never go wrong.
  • If you are wearing a chudidar, try completing the look with colorful juttis or flats stoned sandals.

  • Avoid wearing flat sandals with sarees as it will not give your saree a perfect look. Strappy high heeled sandals should be worn with sarees.
  • If you are opting for Indo-western look then you can go for kitten heeles sandals or colorful juttis.
                                            And to be continued.....

Some more tips on how to pick shoes for an outfit is coming up in my next post.

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Friday, 5 April 2013

Tribal Prints

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Vibrant and colorful can best describe this fashion trend.Tribal prints can help you create wonderful outfit and if worn right it can get you on the spotlight.Tribal trend is not restricted to cooler season, variety of options are available in summer dresses.

You can create great looks if you follow simple tips to wear tribal prints:-

  • The texture, dominant color,fabric and the occasion are something that you should consider to make best choice.
  • Stick to Neutral color for your shoes.
  • If you are choosing a tribal printed top make sure that the bottom half of the outfit is neutral light color or a similar color of the shoes.
  • If the tribal print is loud, use minimal makeup.
  • You can opt for tribal print vest and can style it with simple and boring outfits.
  • If you want to go little daring, you can experiment tribal prints with stripes and plaids.

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