Friday, 17 May 2013

Sister Style

I know I am writing after a long time but I was extremely busy with guests from last two weekends and  you already know that I am corporate slave so don't get time to write on weekdays. These are no excuses that I am making up myself. I know being a fashion blogger, I should update post regularly and Facebook page daily. But what to do? Don't get time from my daily busy schedule.

I think I can make up for my absence by posting double style.. What says? My sister and brother-in-law came down for a long weekend and we all had a lovely time together. Their visit was full of good food, shopping,pampering and family bonding... Spending time with family is something I like the most. And I had an hair cut after a long long time. If you all are following my Facebook page then you must have seen my new hair style. Do let me know how did you like it?

Lastly, I wanted to share a good news with you all. Did you remember the contest of Biggest loser will win? We are done with two weighing sessions and we (My Team) have come first in the second weighing session. We have won shopping vouchers. The final weight will be on June 23rd. I will keep you posted about the results.

Here are some of the pictures from sister style:-

My Dress - Sepia
Neha's Shrug - 109 degree F
Accessories - Everywhere

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Saturday, 4 May 2013


I was thinking about my marriage and I don't believe its been more than two years.Time good time flies very fast.Lot of things has changed in two years but the only thing that is still alive and fresh is our love. I wish that continues forever.In these two years, I have grown as a responsible person, a dedicated professional, a more loving and caring daughter, a sensible friend, always there sister, a daughter like daughter-in-law and understanding companion.
Marriage has been a turning point in my life.I was very Ziddi (stubborn) and impatient as a kid. But living alone without parents and taking care of home has made me more patient and mature. Now, I don't mind to wait for things to happen.

Few things that I have realized after marriage :-

  • Respect Respect Respect.. Nothing is greater than respect and it is the base of strong relations.
  • Agruements don't take you anywhere.
  • Being loved by your partner is more important than owing a branded dress or a new gadget. Didn't realize that as a kid.
  • Forgiveness - a key to happiness.
  • The power of listening 
  • Parents are the wonderful gift of God and they are just amazing.
  • Cooking skill.How will you realize that if you haven't ever cooked before marriage?
  • Investment management skills. I didn't know that I can be good with managing finance and doing investment.
Some pictures from my very special and most memorable day :-