Sunday, 23 June 2013

Beautiful Monsoon

Monsoon Tips :-

  • Opt for three-fourth or burmunda rather then Jeans 
  • Monsoon don't let us wear sunglasses, so try the geek look
  • Light and water proof make up is advised
  • The main accessories for women are handbags which are available in plenty of style, material and colors. Opt for water proof handbags
  • In monsoons, the markets have ample of shoe collection in bright colors. Buy two monsoon ready shoes , one in nude color and one in bright bold color.
  • Invest in a reliable stylish umbrella
Watch this space for more Monsoon tips

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Monsoon - A refreshing Treat

Hey guys!! I know I have been disappeared from my post for so long but I have been active on facebook so if you are following me then you must be receiving my updates on Monsoon.

Yes, Monsoon is here and it's been raining continuously from two days in Mumbai.The weather is super romantic and it has given me motivation to write a post.

During my absence from the post,what all I did?
I spent some good time with my hubby, we went to Manori beach for a sunset, we watched two movies - Yeh Jawani hai Deewani & Now you see me ; I liked the latter one, we indulge over some good food, some stylish dinners and lunches, I had hectic work schedule (nothing new), we planned our upcoming vacations, planned my trip to my hometown (Yes, I am going again) and ya of-course , planned our Monsoon trips.This place is heaven during monsoons, so how can we miss the chance.

Moving on to the pictures. Here are some more pictures from My sister's last visit to Mumbai

I will be posting Monsoon Tips and Monsoon Dressing in my Next post. If you want daily monsoon tips, you can follow me on Facebook