Monday, 22 July 2013

Home-Made Treatment for Hair

All of us have bad hair day but rushing to a salon isn't the only solution. Here are some simple treatments that can easily be done at home
  • Oil Massage- Oiling restores the hair moisture and oil massage at-least once in a week is very good for your hair.

  • Egg Mask- Egg works as a natural conditioner for hair. It leaves the hair soft and smooth.

  • Honey Rinse- Another easy home-made conditioner for hair is honey rinse.Mix one tsp of honey with 2 cups of warm water and apply to your hair after Shampoo. Leave it in your hair.It will control hair dryness and friz

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Saturday, 13 July 2013


Hurry!!SALE is ON

The biggest sale season has started. It is the best opportunity to get latest trends at the best price.But lot of us get carried away while shopping during sale. So, here are some quick tricks that I have made for myself while shopping during sale.

  • Create a budget for yourself -If you don't want your pocket struggle and you buy the right thing as per your requirement, it is very essential to create a budget that will suit you and your pocket.
  • Make a list- After creating a budget, you can browse through your wardrobe and make a list of your requirements.
  • Schedule your shopping- It is very important step as shopping early will serve the best selection and shopping later may result in savings as price are reduced.I have thought of shopping few items earlier which I want the best and few items later which I know I will get easily at reduced price.
  • Calculate Cost per wear- Chose clothes that can be worn more than once and can be mixed matched with your current closet.
  • Stock up on gifts- This is the best time to buy gifts for upcoming festival season or someone's birthday. If you know you will have occasions to gift then buy them now.
Here are my monsoon pictures:-