Thursday, 28 November 2013

Three Ways To Dress Up Orange Top

Continuing with my last week's post, here are three ways to style the tangerine top.

                            Look 1                                        Look 2                                  Look 3                                     
I have talked about versatile styling and wardrobe in my earlier posts. This is how you can add versatility to your dressing with a plain solid color top.

  • In the First look, I have kept it simple by pairing the tangerine top with Khaki Pants. I have completed this look with a khaki bag and a ballerina which has both the colors.
  • In the Second Look, I have wore this tangerine top with a pair of black jeans and have completed the look with an animal print scarf 
  • In the Third look, I have paired the top with electric blue plazzo pants.Here I have paired two strong contrasting colors which makes a very unique and daring combination which will make you stand out from the crowd. I have completed this look with the wooden color strappy wedges.
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