Sunday, 8 December 2013

Double Animal Instinct

Animal prints are very popular style elements. It can be styled as blouses, bottoms, scarfs, shoes, bags, accessories and million other ways.  Here I am wearing leopard print button down top with snake print ballerina and green pants. I have also tried to match the background with my (these days) favorite bluish tote bag. 

Different ways to style Animal Prints :-
  • Try pairing with red outfits. Style animal print as a footwear or a bag.
  • Wear it as a trouser or skirt and pair it with neutral color
  • Jumpsuit or rompers - Let your outfit do all the talking
  • Try it as a cardigan or sweat shirts
  • Wear it on your glasses. Wear the animal print on your eyes.
  • Maxi dress - Make a statement with your animal print maxi dress. 

Don't Miss my fish pendant

What do I have in animal print??
  • One Button down top and a long top
  • One snake print clutch
  • A leopard print scarf
  • A snake print ballerina

And my Nail-Art. How did you like it???

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