Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Winter Layers

I am a big fan of winters mostly because I have grown up in Jammu. It's fun to dress up in layers with awesome soft woolen clothes, beautiful scarfs and boots.

Unfortunately there is no winters in Mumbai. Mumbai knows only three seasons Summers, extreme Summers and Monsoons. We (me and my husband) went to North East in October and the weather was cold, so I got a chance to wear some of my (old) winter clothes that I have saved as the most precious pieces.

Here I am wearing a small black Spykar Jacket over a black and white tunic with black pair of jeans.

What a beautiful blue sky??
Made for each other.. Touch wood

Look at the pure clean water.. Awesome

These pictures have been taken in Yumthang valley. This place (paradise) is situated in North Sikkim at a height of 3000 meters. This place is mainly popular across globe for different varieties of flowers which blossoms in April-May.

You can scroll down for more pictures.

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